Our Story

While driving home from a friend’s house one summer night with their spouse and 3 month old baby, one of our Surete founders was almost ran off the road by another vehicle. As the other vehicle corrected their course and got back into their lane it became apparent that they had strayed off course because they were looking down at their phone. The first thought that came to mind… “Why can’t someone just come up with a way to keep people from texting while they are driving?”

After thinking about it most of the night, a simple concept came to mind – pair your phone you’re your car, eliminate distractions, SAVE LIVES!!!

Since that night, the Surete founders have dedicated themselves to saving lives by eliminating phone distractions while users are driving. This reduces the chances of getting into an accident and helps prevent Surete users from getting injured. Our patent pending product is able to accomplish this by pairing a user’s phone with their car and ensuring that users are not able to text while driving. In addition, Surete also eliminates the ability to email and use social media while driving.

iPhone app presentation iPhone app presentation