Installation Tools

When installing you Surete Relay you will need the following:

  • Your vehicle's owner's manual
  • A small or medium adjustable wrench (you may also use a regular wrench, socket wrench or pair of pliers)
  • A set of long nose pliers (you may also be able to use regular pliers)
  • Optional: A flathead screwdriver
  • Optional: A set of plier cutters

Step #1

Using your vehicle’s owner’s manual, identify the starter fuse for your vehicle and the locations of your battery and fuse box underneath your hood. The starter fuse should be identified as STARTER, STARTER MOTOR, STARTER RELAY, STR, START or something similar*.

If you would like to test to ensure that you have identified the correct fuse, you can unplug the fuse and try to start your vehicle. The ignition (i.e. lights, radio, etc.) should turn on, but you should not be able to start the vehicle.

*Do not connect the Surete Relay to your Ignition.

Step #2

Once you have identified your starter fuse, locate and remove the fuse from your panel (you may need to use your long nose pliers to remove the fuse from its position). Use the fuse that was removed to identify which fuse adapter is needed to connect your Surete Relay to your vehicle, but keep in mind which slot was left open by the fuse that was removed.

A diagram of your fuse panel should be located under the cover of the fuse panel and can be used to help locate the actual fuse. If there is no diagram underneath the cover of the fuse panel, you may find one in your owner’s manual.

Step #3

Connect the fuse adapter that you identified for your vehicle in Step #2 to your Surete Relay and replace the starter fuse that was removed in Step #2 with the fuse adapter.

Step #4

Connect the Surete Relay to your battery by connecting the red wire to the positive (+) side of your battery and the black wire to the negative (-) side of your battery. Then use the double-sided tape to secure the Surete Relay somewhere near the fuse panel. (i.e. top or side of battery, top or side of fuse panel, etc.)

Please ensure that these wires are properly connected to the battery. Connection needs to be secure and all nuts and screws need to be tightened properly to ensure that the terminal does not loosen.

Step #5

Once your device has been connected to your vehicle, open the Surete app and follow the directions to register your account.

To sync your Surete Relay with your vehicle, select Cars from the menu drop down (upper left corner) and select the add cars button (upper right corner) to add a new vehicle. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup.

Once the setup is complete, the Surete app will automatically detect any Surete Relays in range. Select your relay and wait for the app to pair with the relay. Once the relay is paired, click the Success button and you are done. You can now enjoy the protection of Surete while driving.