Surete Relay


The Surete Relay is designed to integrate with the starter circuit for any vehicle. This universal device is plugged into the fuse slot for your vehicle’s starter to replace your normal fuse with the Surete Relay. Once paired with the Surete application, the Surete Relay will ensure that the Surete app cannot be bypassed and help prevent drivers of the vehicle from texting, emailing or using social media while driving.

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Product Description

The Surete Relay is an integrated circuit which enables the Surete smartphone application to control whether the vehicle is enabled to start or not. By connecting the device to the fuse slot where your normal starter fuse is located, it can interrupt that circuit and ensure that your drivers are driving safe with Surete.

The Surete Relay is installed directly onto the vehicle and cannot be shared between multiple vehicles. Therefore, one Surete Relay is required for each vehicle that will be driven by a Surete driver. The device is only connected to the starter fuse for the vehicle, this means that Surete will not be able to control the operation of the vehicle in any way, and will only limit its ability to start. Once the vehicle has been started, Surete will not be able to disable it.

The Surete Relay does not act as an alarm or anti-theft system and cannot be used as a lo-jack, but Surete will limit who is able to start the vehicle and may make it more difficult for your vehicle to be stolen.

What is in the box?

In addition to your Surete Relay, your package will also come with three fuse adapters. These fuse adapters will enable you to connect to most vehicles right out of the box.


Installation instructions can be found at In addition, the Surete Relay may be installed permanently by a certified mechanic.

Premium app service fees are additional and are not included with the purchase of a Surete Relay.

The Surete Relay does not void any warranty on your vehicle.


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