What is Surete?

Surete is an organization dedicated to saving lives by eliminating unnecessary distractions.

  • Patent Pending application and device combination which prevents texting while driving.
  • Blocks access to email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media applications.
  • Grades users based on phone use and driving tendencies.

iPhone app presentation iPhone app presentation

Surete Features

Provides Protection

Eliminates distractions while driving: Texting, Emailing, Social Media


Grade users based on phone use, Max Speed and Average Speed.


Know the location of all your vehicles via one simple dashboard.

Advanced Geofencing

Know when users drive too far from home or into unwanted areas.


Prevent users from driving specific vehicles. Help prevent vehicle theft.

How does Surete work?

Surete is an app and device combo that will keep your children safe by eliminating unnecessary distractions such as texting, emailing or surfing social media. Simply install the patent pending Surete device in your vehicle, download the app and start adding users to your account. As your child approaches the car, Surete will automatically sync to the smartphone and disable the distractions so they can pay attention to the road. If the phone does not sync to the device the car will not start, ensuring they cannot bypass the app. Parents can log into our easy to use online portal and control the functionality of the phone and access advanced features.

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